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Symfony 2.0 Preview

Here we go. Fabien Potencier last week released the preview website for symfony 2.0 (symfony reloaded). Me, as a long time PHP and symfony user this preview shows a lot of new interesting stuff comming to web development with symfony. A Quick-Tour of Fabiens newest baby is also available and points out major changes to the framework. First thing to notice is the completly changed directory structure. Another major step is the use of >= PHP 5.

Windows 7: Changed

Ok, I don’t like Microsoft and Windows. I did like Windows XP for a while but never tried Vista because of the bad things I saw at my friends computers. Recently I installed Windows 7 as second OS on my MacBook Pro. And my deepest despair turned into someting good. I already tried to install Windows 7 with Parallels in OS X a couple of weeks ago, got several bluescreens and thought about never trying Windows 7 again.

Last Day in Sweden – Moving to Denmark

I am so sad – Sweden is such a perfect country for me. It feels like living on the countryside but still be in a big city (Jönköping) with so much party and great people! Especially I will miss the people from the students accommodation Cyclamen. I will hopefully be back asap! But I am really looking forward to go to Copenhagen, Denmark tomorrow. Starting with an introduction day tomorrow and a welcome dinner on tuesday.

Was wählt man in Deutschland?

20:01 <@seric> haja. was würde man als mündiger bürger in .de bloß wählen?! 20:01 <@sarah-> seric, ganz klar 20:01 <@sarah-> die schweiz Eigentlich traurigerweise richtig.

First Windows 7 Bluescreen

Yes I was interested in the new Windows 7. I yesterday downloaded the Windows 7 Release Candiate, which should be stable enough to try on my Macbook Pro. Economically as I am, I did not want to waste a blank DVD and that was the reason I choose Parallels to install Windows as a virtual machine. First time: Failure during boot, no reaction of the windows system. Second time: Better try, windows crashed after the copy of all Windows specific data with the typically bluescreen (which has not changed since Windows 95).

Mit mir nicht

Sehr geehrten Leserinnen und Leser, ich werde nicht für Vodafone bloggen so wie das scheinbar ein paar halbwegs bekannte Blogger (z.B.: Die Frau Schnutinger hier) meinen. Blogger können ruhig Werbung machen, aber so tun als ob es wirklich toll wäre nur weil sie dafür Geld bekommen ist nicht richtig. Ich werbe hier gleich rechts auch, was dort angezeigt wird ist mir egal – es wird schon zum Content/Nutzer passen. Wenn nicht ist mir das auch egal.

Symfony Support in NetBeans 6.8 Announced

The NetBeans Team has announced to support not just PHP 5.3 which was released earlier last week but also Symfony in the next release (6.8)! Because I am not very pleased with the PHP support within Eclipse PDT, I am currently using VIM for PHP, and specially, Symfony development. Since Pierre told me recently that the PHP support for NetBeans is getting better and better, I am really looking forward to the next NetBeans release.

PHP 5.3 Released

Well not yet, but hopefully in a couple of hours and minutes. (Check Although there are some new cool features in it such as lambda functions, closures and PHAR support, there is this silly namespace thing. Namespaces are good in generally (remember, you had to prefix each class with your damn project-name to be on the save side) but separating the namespace parts with the *escape* character “&#8221; (YES THE BACKSLASH!