Symfony Support in NetBeans 6.8 Announced

The NetBeans Team has announced to support not just PHP 5.3 which was released earlier last week but also Symfony in the next release (6.8)!

Because I am not very pleased with the PHP support within Eclipse PDT, I am currently using VIM for PHP, and specially, Symfony development.

Since Pierre told me recently that the PHP support for NetBeans is getting better and better, I am really looking forward to the next NetBeans release.

More information on Symfony integration in Netbeans

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7 thoughts on “Symfony Support in NetBeans 6.8 Announced”

  1. I’ve been using NB 6.5 for symfony development for the past 6 months primarily because of its effective code completion. It is quite viable even with the current release.

  2. Have you ever tried NB on Linux? It reacts very slow on user inputs especially when it comes to code completion.

    I have already tried to tune the startup settings but with no effect.

  3. NB 6.7 rocks…much faster and much more reliable than PDT. THE Php development tool I was waiting for. Has nice Version Control integration and the project system is lightweight enough, so it doesn’t get in the way. I can’t wait to get my hands on 6.8..:)

  4. Hi André,

    I am using “PATH2LIB/symfony/lib/command/cli.php”

    Btw. there is already NB 6.9 Beta out there which runs even better for me than 6.8 right now.


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