Blogging from iPad

Since I recently got an iPad2 from my employer, I am able to update my blog from everywhere thanks to pretty decent 3g coverage in Austria. However, what you want to use if you start blogging from your iPad with your WordPress blog, is the native WordPress App which is available for free in the Appstore.

I will hopefully start to blog more often with this new opportunity. Let’s give its a try.

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2 thoughts on “Blogging from iPad”

  1. My reaction was the same when I found the WordPress for iPad app. But pretty soon I noticed, that I won’t really use it, since typing in tablets is not enough comfortable to write blog posts. At least for the type of blog posts I write, it’s not ideal, because I tend to write a little bigger posts.

    My question to you: How did this app turn out for you since January?

  2. Well you are actually right. Writing short posts or a quick comment reply (as this one) I do use my iPad. However every longer post and specially posts with pictures or code I do write on my notebook.

    In the end the iPad WordPress App is not bad at all but lacks some support for editing rich media content.

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