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Blogging from iPad

Since I recently got an iPad2 from my employer, I am able to update my blog from everywhere thanks to pretty decent 3g coverage in Austria. However, what you want to use if you start blogging from your iPad with your WordPress blog, is the native WordPress App which is available for free in the Appstore.

I will hopefully start to blog more often with this new opportunity. Let’s give its a try.

Pressespiegel Österreich – Finde den Fehler

Der heutige Pressespiegel Online aus Österreich. Finde den Fehler.

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My computers

So there are a couple of computers idling around here. I all of them gave names of planets and have come to the point where I have to use names of stars because I ran out of planets. Here I have a list of all the devices that I am using on a more or less regular basis. I left out smartphones, server in data centers or not anymore working computers at home.

My old, but still working home file server which runs Ubuntu. It has three internal HDDs and offers a total of approx. 1,5TB of storage space. I don’t like the really loud fan but I live with it.

An old Sony Vaio notebook which is not really in use anymore but still works. It runs Windows XP and is often used by others in the living room for just browsing the web. However, I don’t use it anymore.

A 15″ MacBook Pro (first generation unibody) which is used by my dad on a daily basis. I just use a remote ssh connection occasionally to fix things or install new software. Yes Pluto is actually not a planet anymore (since 2006), however. I had a Netbook (Saturn) at this time and no other planet name was left.

My main notebook. This is a 15″ MacBook Pro (late 2009) with 8GB of RAM but still a really slow 320GB HDD. I am probably replacing the HDD with a SDD quite soon. I use this MBP every day at university or at home. I am doing my photo editing, programming and daily office work with this computer.

Not my computer, but my girlfriends. It is a Fujitsu Siemens Windows 7 notebook which I personally do not use at all.

My HTPC just beside my TV. It is a Zotac Mag Mini system which runs with Ubuntu with MythTV. It records TV series and movies. I use it also as a small web server for developing small applications.

A 23″ iMac actually used by my mum and not quite often by myself. I however often ssh in and install stuff.

A 15″ ASUS notebook from 2006. It is running Windows XP, standing around somewhere and not used anymore. It was my main computer for quite a long time before I switched to my MBP (jupiter).

A 27″ iMac at work I already had to name after an astroid and not a planet, since there are no names left and this is actually not my personal computer.

Ein Monat Nexus S

Vor genau einem Monat habe ich mein Google Nexus S bekommen. Besorgt hat es mir ein Freund in London und es mir nach Österreich geschickt. Bin ich soweit zufrieden? Absolut! Es gibt dennoch ein paar kleine Dinge die mich stören.

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Windows 7: Changed

Ok, I don’t like Microsoft and Windows. I did like Windows XP for a while but never tried Vista because of the bad things I saw at my friends computers. Recently I installed Windows 7 as second OS on my MacBook Pro. And my deepest despair turned into someting good. I already tried to install Windows 7 with Parallels in OS X a couple of weeks ago, got several bluescreens and thought about never trying Windows 7 again. Anyhow, it seems Microsoft did an actually not so bad job with Windows 7. (Quite) all the anoying stuff is gone. The desktop looks nice, the windows align nice, the networking works nice (internet connection sharing worked within seconds).

Now there is Snow Leopard on my Mac and I have to say, it seems Snow Leopard runs faster but still have some problems with the now all 64bit applications. Windows 7 still lacks of decent 64bit support but seems to be quite stable though. What is the better decision? Turning to full 64bit support now and have some problems with but have for sure better updates in the future OR stay with the 32bit and have no problems with (but be a little slower).

Anyway. We will see in the future what was the better decision but for now Microsoft did a better job with Windows 7 than with Vista. Thanks.

First Windows 7 Bluescreen

Yes I was interested in the new Windows 7. I yesterday downloaded the Windows 7 Release Candiate, which should be stable enough to try on my Macbook Pro. Economically as I am, I did not want to waste a blank DVD and that was the reason I choose Parallels to install Windows as a virtual machine.

First time: Failure during boot, no reaction of the windows system.

Second time: Better try, windows crashed after the copy of all Windows specific data with the typically bluescreen (which has not changed since Windows 95).

Conclusion: I stay with Mac OS X and Linux.


Liebe Medien …

… vor allem ihr Medien, die Michale Jackson zu Lebzeiten ständig kritisiert habt. Ihr, die aus jedem Furz von Michael Jackson, einen Skandal her zauberten. Könnt genau ihr bitte sofort damit aufhören nun so zu tun als ob ihr immer schon die größten Fans von Michael gewesen seid und ihn unterstützt habt.

Fotoblog gestartet

Ich habe vor einigen Wochen eine DSLR gekauft (Canon EOS 450D) und mich mit zwei zusätzlichen Objektiven ausgestattet. Meine Impressionen und Schnappschüsse hatte ich ursprünglich vor via Flickr bereitszustellen, habe mich nun aber dazu entschlossen etwas eigenes zu erstellen. Unter ist nun mein Fotoblog erreichbar in welchem ich einige meiner Fotos posten werde. Ich hoffe dort auf zahlreiche Kommentare sowie Kritik und Lob.