Windows 7: Changed

Ok, I don’t like Microsoft and Windows. I did like Windows XP for a while but never tried Vista because of the bad things I saw at my friends computers. Recently I installed Windows 7 as second OS on my MacBook Pro. And my deepest despair turned into someting good. I already tried to install Windows 7 with Parallels in OS X a couple of weeks ago, got several bluescreens and thought about never trying Windows 7 again. Anyhow, it seems Microsoft did an actually not so bad job with Windows 7. (Quite) all the anoying stuff is gone. The desktop looks nice, the windows align nice, the networking works nice (internet connection sharing worked within seconds).

Now there is Snow Leopard on my Mac and I have to say, it seems Snow Leopard runs faster but still have some problems with the now all 64bit applications. Windows 7 still lacks of decent 64bit support but seems to be quite stable though. What is the better decision? Turning to full 64bit support now and have some problems with but have for sure better updates in the future OR stay with the 32bit and have no problems with (but be a little slower).

Anyway. We will see in the future what was the better decision but for now Microsoft did a better job with Windows 7 than with Vista. Thanks.