Virtual Conducting with the Microsoft Kinect


Mouse and keyboard are being used as general purpose device despite the fact that for e.g., gaming or 3D modeling different input options are considered better. Therefore an alternative approach of human computer interaction is described and analyzed with the help of the Microsoft Kinects natural user interface tools. As an example of a gesture based application, a conducting software is developed. This implementation is analyzed from a practical perspective to show real world usage. As a result this application shows that semi professional conducting may be possible. However, conducting requires very precise motions to be detected. This solution does not meet professional standards, but may be extended with some effort for that purpose. Regardless of the limited usage for applications which require precise input natural user interface featured applications show benefits in various areas and will presumably be used more often in new applications.

This is my master thesis’ abstract which describes somehow what I have done the last couple of months. I build a small application to show the natural user interface capabilities of the Microsoft Kinect for WIndows SDK with conducting a musical notation. The prototype of the developed applications is very rough and hardly useless for professionals. However, you may watch the following video to get the idea.