Should my next project use Symfony2?

In a couple of hours, the Symfony Live event in Paris is going to start. You can expect Fabien Potencier to release Symfony 2.0 at the keynote he is holding on March 3rd at 17:30.

This is actually not a big deal since Symfony2 has been around for a couple of months. The big question is, should you already start developing your next project with Symfony2? There is no definite answer to that but what you can expect is a “not so much” changing API and already robust Framework right from the start. If you are planing a big project with longer time to develop, Symfony2 is a must. If you have already started and use Symfony1.4, stick with it.

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5 thoughts on “Should my next project use Symfony2?”

  1. I hope I’m not going to spoil it for you but the stable release is postponed to the end of March. Fabien will release a candidate only.
    Also what you have to consider is: if one of the reasons you chose symfony 1 before was the admin generator then you should wait a little longer as it is not going to be included in Symfony2. At least that is the current status.

  2. As Christian said, the first stable Symfony2 version is scheduled for the end of march as there is still a huge work to do on some APIs. But a first release candidate version should be available at the end of the hacking day on saturday 5th.

  3. Yes, there is a RC comming this week. However, the API is more or less fixed.

    @Christian, if the reason was the admin generator, then probably a CMS was the better solution anyway. Nonetheless, Symfony2 will for sure have soon a admin generator bundle.

  4. Nothing’s released so far, the page displays says “Will be available tomorrow” since a couple of days now !

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