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Annotations with Symfony2

With Symfony2 much configuration can be added directly to actions with annotations. With Symfony1 there have been cache.yml, route.yml, security.yml and many more configuration files for a single controller. This has not changed with Symfony2. You still are able to configure your (bundle) controller with single files. However, there is a new way which offers more flexibility and adds the configuration right to the place where it is used: to the specific action as meta-info with some sort of annotations.

My computers

So there are a couple of computers idling around here. I all of them gave names of planets and have come to the point where I have to use names of stars because I ran out of planets. Here I have a list of all the devices that I am using on a more or less regular basis. I left out smartphones, server in data centers or not anymore working computers at home.

Should my next project use Symfony2?

In a couple of hours, the Symfony Live event in Paris is going to start. You can expect Fabien Potencier to release Symfony 2.0 at the keynote he is holding on March 3rd at 17:30.This is actually not a big deal since Symfony2 has been around for a couple of months. The big question is, should you already start developing your next project with Symfony2? There is no definite answer to that but what you can expect is a “not so much” changing API and already robust Framework right from the start.

Ein Monat Nexus S

Vor genau einem Monat habe ich mein Google Nexus S bekommen. Besorgt hat es mir ein Freund in London und es mir nach Österreich geschickt. Bin ich soweit zufrieden? Absolut! Es gibt dennoch ein paar kleine Dinge die mich stören.

Die ersten “Freunde” sind da

Vor bereits einer Woche, habe ich die ersten bestellten Flaschen Whisky bekommen. Das ist ein Novum, da ich doch bisher Whisky bzw. Spirituosen beim vorbeigehen im Supermarkt mitgenommen habe. Erstmals habe ich (online) bestellt. Und dies beim scheinbar besten Whisky Shop in Deutschland, dem “The Whisky Store” von Theresia Lüning. Bestellt habe ich nicht irgendwas, sondern habe mich fachkundig von Kris beraten lassen. Somit sind es drei “Freunde” von der selben Gegend in Schottland geworden.

Canon EOS 60D finally here!

Canon EOS 60DAs I was assuming a couple of weeks ago, the Canon EOS 60D is finally here. Canon just posted a press release and added a product walkthrough video as well as a sample video shot with the Canon EOS 60D. The interesting parts: The camera features an 18mp DIGIC IV processor which is capable of 1080p H.264 video. As a new feature for any Canon EOS camera, the 60D will have an articulating 3″ LCD screen.

Automatic Anti-Pattern Corrections for PHP

During my computer science studies at the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences I wrote my bachelor thesis about “Automatic Anti-Pattern Corrections for PHP”. As a fan of the open source philosophy, I want to share my work with others. I invite everyone to contribute to the great lex-pass project and this approach to better PHP software. Please share your thought and ideas on this with me and others by leaving a comment or sending me a message.

Received My Canon EOS 7D

Today my new Canon EOS 7D arrived and I am off to play now. Can’t wait to take awesome pictures and interesting movies.

Canon EOS 60D coming soon?

Just last week Canon introduced the new EOS 550D (Rebel T2i) and this camera will soon be available. Anyone who – like myself – is playing with the idea to upgrade from a previouse three-digit EOS camera to the EOS 550D, will probably also checked out the Canon EOS 7D, which offers similar features but in some areas performs significantly better. The interesting thing about the EOS 7D and EOS 550D are, beside a lot of other outstanding features, the new HDSLR opportunities, ie HD movie recording with a digital SLR camera.